Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty Tomatoes!

I've taken a few vacations this summer and 30 days away from the garden has led to neglect of both plants and blog.  All has not been lost however.  I have peppers, cukes, and tomatoes coming out of my ears.  Here are a few of this year's prettiest:

Copia is both beautiful and delicious.  This big juicy slicer has averaged about nine ounces for me, grown in the self watering container.  I've found it to be moderately productive.

Big Rainbow could also be called Big Yum.  It's absolutely delicious.  Unfortunately for me, productivity has been low.  I think this was a combination of factors.  I think it may be too large for the self watering container.  I also think the early heat of the season took out a ton of buds on this one.  Still, the few fruits I've gotten have made for some memorable salads.  I'll be growing it again.

Chocolate Stripes:  I'm losing last years picture here because this years came out blurry and I'm too lazy to retake it.  Chocolate Stripes has been a star for me this year.  I think it likes heat.  Last year productivity was OK but this year it has been very high, though grown in the exact same spot.  Its a tasty tomato that holds up really well on the kitchen counter.  The stripes almost glow on this one.  Way cool.

Striped Roman
Striped Roman:   This variety is proof that an annoying youngster can still grow up and shine.  SR was a fragile, delicate, constantly looked like it was suffering seedling.  It wasn't much better as a young adult.  There were times I didn't think it would make it.  It was best described as wispy.  I noticed in mid-June it seemed to be getting stronger, and now it is as big and strong  as anything else out there.  I've found it to be highly productive.  The fruits are meaty, just as pretty in the inside as the outside.  Skin is a little thick but its a minor thing.  Taste is good!