Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now we're talking!

Whether it was the white tea soak, or the addition of heat, I've had some progress this week.  Now all the tomatoes are up with the exception of Pineapple, Galinas, Aunt Ginny's Purple, Cosmonaut Volkov and Sylvan Gaume.  I'm soaking up another batch of each of those and planting some more today.

Its so funny how each year can be completely different.  Persimmon was very problematic for me to germinate when I first tried it.  I'm using the exact same batch of seed this year and it was the second tomato up and currently the second largest.  Indication I guess of just how many variables are associated with this whole thing!

I've started another tray of seeds.  This time its broccoli, several annuals, lemon, purple and cinnamon basil, fennel, cilantro, leeks, parsley, lettuce, tarragon, one king of the north pepper (needed to refresh seed stock) and the impulse buy for last week, Katya tomato from Adaptive Seeds.

I was drawn to Katja because there is some indication it produces in a bit of shade.  It is also described as quite delicious for an early tomato.  We'll see!  I only planted one cell of it.

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