Monday, April 2, 2012

First Tomatoes-Out, New Self Watering Container and other new stuff

The first tomatoes have left the cold frame.  This would be a full 4-6 weeks ahead of when you are "supposed" to put them out, depending on who you ask.  Worse, I have not added any weather protection yet, unless you count putting them in front of the brick column.  Nights are running around 45-50.  They won't freeze.  This container holds Katja and Seattles Woolly Blue Mammoth (my least favorite of the three specimens I am growing) .  The first to go out in my yard are always the ones I am most OK with losing.  Though I won't lose them.  I might stunt them a little, but I watch the weather closely.  If it gets dicey, this container has wheels and can easily come in the garage.  I will be interesting to measure the growth of these that are out with those that are rapidly outgrowing their containers but still in the coldframe.
Also in the container is an extra cinnamon basil and a bit of flower.

Speaking of this container, I was excited to see it.  It is self watering, holds 1.5 CU FT of soil, comes with wheels and its own elastic mulch cover.  It was $26 at Home Depot.  A far better deal than the Earthtainers that are out there.  Usually I make my own self watering containers.  I can do it in a hour, for about $15.  They are not particularly lovely though.  I picked this one up for the areas that need something a bit better looking.

I also did a bit of nursery shopping this weekend.  The Growing Place has opened for the season.  Pickings are still a slim for annuals, but tons of shrubs and perennials are already in.  I went to scope out moss.  I want some for around the pond.  I was going to buy it online but was curious if I could find it locally.  TGP had it.  For $3.99 for tiny plants!  I bought two test plants, one irish moss and another lighter green moss to see how they do.  If they are fast, they will be the parents and I'll just split them up and make a ton of moss babies.  As usual a couple of other things found their way into the basket.  Some jelly bean like viola's that I might plant, or I might give in a easter present, some dwarf goatsbeard that I have always wanted but never had the constantly moisture it needed and a new hosta..midnight ride.  That one was totally a blind purchase but now that I have looked it up, I am pleased.

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Clint Baker said...

I think I am gonna wait one more week and still keep the row covers ready!