Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finished Pond Pictures

We got the last few boulders in two days ago and the plantings and fish are maturing nicely.  Here are some shots of the area at the peak of the heat wave.  Building this was so much work but not that it is done, work to maintain is nothing more than emptying the leaf bucket, topping off the water and once a week hosing down the skimmer pad.  The fish are tame, and come up to be fed.  Red Head Fred continues his trickery, now his head is mostly white with a few orange speckles.  The amount of enjoyment we are getting from the area is immense.  Even with the heat, we are hanging out here multiple times a day.  All an all, this project was well worth all the bandaids, and sweat and dollars.


The Second Act said...

Beautiful area! Great work on documenting the process. Very inspiring. Keep up the great blog!

Scott said...

This is a really beautiful pond set-up! Out of curiosity did you plant anything at the bottom of the pond? I noticed what look like lotuses or lilies in a previous post. Any seaweed, floating plants, rushes, onions, swords, etc. down at the bottom?

Stacy said...

Hi Scott,

I have lily and lotus on one plant shelf but otherwise no plants in the pond. I do have a veggie filter above the pond which I grow watercress, water chestnuts and occasional other marginals in.