Thursday, June 4, 2009

Done! {insert mini-dance}

Whoo hoo! I did it! All 120+ cold frame plants are in the ground. I got out of work early today and got the last twenty plants finally planted. I had to get brutal with the last ten tomato plants because of space issues. I placed them in less than ideal spots and way too close together but none of them are in such bad locations that they don't have a chance.
Forty six tomato plants, as anticipated was too many for my yard, but not by as much as I originally thought. The containers really helped. I may have tomatoes coming out of my ears in August but lots of disasters can happen between now and then so for now, I'm enjoying my back-up plants having back-ups.
Next year though, I'm going to save myself a lot of work and start things three weeks later. Growth in the frame was not that fast when the temps were really cold and continually moving plants in and out of the house was a bunch of work. Of course if I do get maters before July 4, I may start just a few early...
Some of the peonies have started to open. I love these flowers. They look great at a distance and amazing up close. I can't remember the name of this hot pink one but I love that it only needs a stretchy tie around it's belly to keep it up. This plant is only three years old. It got big fast! I wasn't sure how it would do being placed so close to the arborvittae, but I'm glad I took the chance. They really compliment each other nicely.
This goofy peony is quite old. I ordered it from a cruddy mail order nursery before I knew better. It was supposed to be a brilliant red tree peony for $1.29. They sent me a half dead stick but I planted it and this is what I got, a bashful peony. Every flower on this plant looks like this and they never open all the way. I threaten to rip it out a least once a year but then I take pity on it's goofiness and let it stay.

This mess on the ground is my fault. This plant does this every single year I don't take some serious measures to prop it up. This year I took the lazy way out and it didn't stand a chance against the inch of rain we had two nights ago. All is not lost however. This plant is highly scented. It looked bad outside but wonderful in a vase. Most of these blossoms are now in vases all over the house!
Today's moment of adventure occurred a couple of hours ago. I took a walk at the arboreteum and came across a baptista that was in full bloom. I was fondling the blossoms (because I couldn't help myself) and ended up grabbing a big fat bumblebee. It didn't sting me but startled me enough that I fell off the path and into a bush. Sometimes I can be such a dork!


Chicago Garden said...

LOL, at you taking pitty on the goofy-looking peony. I feel the same way about some plants and a lot of weeds.

MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Wow you had lots of plants to put in the ground. You sound like me... I always have back up plants and then back ups for my back ups -- too funny! The peonies look lovely. I didn't stake my up either, but they haven't blossomed yet so maybe I'll go out there this weekend and do it. It's always so tedious and doesn't work that well so I hate doing it. I end up cutting a lot of it too and bringing the flowers in the house for us to enjoy. -Jackie

Daphne said...

As soon as my peonies open up this morning I should go out and pick some. I love peonies. I just wish they would last longer.

46 tomatoes? Wow that is a lot. Tomatoes don't produce well here, but I'm sure I'd still get a lot with 46 of them. I just don't have that kind of space.

Heather said...

Good job! Planting is always a chore well worth the effort but I have never planted 120 before. You are garden superwoman!

Tatyana said...

Your peonies look good. I was lazy and didn't plant one of mine into the ground, so it is sitting in the pot with one single bloom on the tall branch. It is rude to say but it looks like he shows me a finger.

Beegirl said...

Now that is a lot work! WOW! Congrats on getting everything in! I am still trying to take in 46 tomato plants .. whatcha going to make with them all??

Stacy said...

MBT, it is very very rare for me to take pity on a weed. I ahve been known to rescue a worm or two from a robin though!

Jackie- I agree, very tedious and if they are going to be cut flowers anyway, not all that necessary.

Heather-spreading them out over many weeks has made it very manageable. The main challenge was planning for space and future growth.

LOL, Tatyana. You need to take a picture of it!

Thanks Beegirl. Let's see salsa, sauce, tomato/basil/mozarella salads, kabobs, etc etc.