Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures After a Weekend of Work!

Transplanted out this weekend:  Chinese red noodle beans, all the rest of the tomatoes except for two, all the peppers, all of the eggplants but three.

Removed this weekend: 2839723429 sprouting  &^%$^&$ propellers!

Seeds started this weekend:  Cukes and melons.

Bags of cocoa bean mulch spread:  Only three!  It goes far.

Motrin required after 17 hours of digging:  4

Hope everyone had a great weekend. 



Northern Shade said...

That's a long gardening spree. The beds are looking good, but I think the maple tree is pouting at your attempts to prevent maple domination.

Christine B. said...

I am quite envious of the green play slide in your yard. We have a dreadful bright yellow one that one can't help but stare at...yuck. So sorry about all the digging, but no pain, no gain, right? I've already taken the first pain meds of the garden season;)

Christine in Alaska

Stacy said...

Northern Shade I think its more likely that maple is mocking me while it initiates fresh assaults from underneath the mulch.

Thanks Christine, I'm not a fan of the yellow playscapes either. We bough the slide and the swings at Lowes and attached them to the frame we inherited from the neighbor. The kids have to remember to lift their heineys over the one bolt at the top of the slide but otherwise it works good. : )