Friday, May 14, 2010

Ramping Up for the Big Weekend

I heard on the radio this afternoon that the Farmer's Almanac says this is the weekend to plant.  I didn't catch what it was I'm supposed to be planting but it doesn't matter.  I plan to try and plant it ALL!  If I am to have any hope of getting the patio project done this summer, I need to get this stuff in and growing.  The ten day forecast looks good.  May 15th is the last frost date.  It's time.

I got a jump on things tonight after work.  I hit the nursery for some mushroom compost so that I don't have to waste time tomorrow running out and then I came home and started planting.  Three more tomatoes went into the tub in the hot bed.  These are currently my puniest seedlings.  It will be interesting to see how Black From Tula, Illini Star and Big White and Pink Stripes do now that they are in the hot zone.

Once those were in I planted all fourteen Molten Lava Amarynth.  In hindsight, my placement of these was a bit off.  I forgot they get to be four feet tall and planted them in the front of the beds.  Oh well, maybe it will still look cool.  

I stayed out until about 8pm since it was such a nice night.  The whole rest of the time was spent on propeller removal.  I filled one huge pop up bag already and have barely made a dent.  Nevertheless, it was a good start for what I hope will be a very productive weekend! 


Northern Shade said...

Your line about, "I plan to plant it ALL", made me laugh out loud.

Next weekend, the May long weekend, is the traditional time here for planting, but really the weather is so variable. Sometimes we get no frost in May, and last year we had a snowstorm around May 20. A number of my plants are going to get a chance to stretch their roots out into the real soil this weekend.

Stacy said...

LOL, well I gave it an honest try! I put seventeen hours in and got all but two of the tomatoes in, all of the peppers and beans and all but a couple of eggplants. The reason for the seventeen hours is the %^$&^% maple propellers started sprouting and I had to clean them up before mulching. Feels good to get that done!