Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Planning without Information

I'm in a bit of a pickle right now.  I have hundreds of seeds sprouting and I want to start more.  Before I start more seeds I would like to have some assurance that I will have room for it all.  The extra space I've rented via the allotment this summer seems like I should have a lot of room but I have zero information about those spaces.  I really should have paid more attention when it was time to rent them.  Taken a picture of the plot map or something.  Right now I don't know anything, thus the pickle.

I've never done this allotment thing before. It seems very common in the UK but there they seem to have more permanent attachments to their spaces.  Here in the US this allotment is only mine for a few months and then back to the Park District it goes.

I've tried searching the web for information about where I am renting and alas there is nothing out there.  I don't know if my plot runs east to west or north to south.  Where does the sun hit?  Where do the taller plants need to be sited?  How far from the water am I.  I don't want to carry tons and hoses are not allowed.  Temporary fences are allowed but do I need them?  Gah.  If anyone happens upon this post in a similar search can you clue a fellow Mar-Duker in?

I found a single photo of the site.  It was not helpful. 
I tried driving to the site to scope it out and access is chained off until it opens for the season.  I guess I will do the only thing I really can do right now.  Plant more seeds and keep my fingers crossed...

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