Sunday, March 19, 2017


The snow is gone.  The ice on the pond is melted. The gazillion oak leaves that were embedded in the ice on the pond have sunk to the bottom and begun their transition into stink goo.

I cannot actually go out and look around  the yard as everything is too wet.
What I can do is look out the window to evaluate the carnage....hmm

OK thats done.  Its... bad.  
Pity I can't go out and fix any of that today.  I love the windchill when its 45 out!  
Poor me will have to instead spend the afternoon on the couch, under fuzzy blankets reading.

A review of other blogs out there is showing pristine perfection at- well everywhere.  
One day I will learn to garden so that mine also looks pristine.  Until that time, I think I will go lop the heads off the onion seedlings to gain some satisfaction.

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