Sunday, March 19, 2017

Seedling Update March 19

Weather:  sunny  45F
Temp in pop up greenhouse at noon, 84 degrees

Seedling updates:

Tomatoes:  all but three cells up, replanted those cells a week ago with a new variety.  Plants thriving, stocky, with first set true leaves.  Got weak organic balanced fertilizer this weekend.

Peppers:  Six are up, all fresher seed.  Replanted the rest this week.  Weak fertilization given and replanted cells without sprouts.  Not on bottom heat and doing OK

Basil:  100% up.  Starting to thin.

Eggplant:  One up with no bottom heat.  replanted the rest.

Lettuce; cauliflower and most broccoli:  its all up, now with first set true leaves.  Days and some nights outside in popup greenhouse now.  Thinned

Purple peacock broccoli:  10% germination.  replanted.

Onions and Shallots.  Old seed.  Doing terrible.  about 50% up.  replanted.  Germination testing on two seed packs.  Got a haircut and weak fertilizer this weekend

Chard:  100% but leave style seems variable.  May need to partially replant to get the colors I want

Celery:  Up but not thriving.  Replanted

Purple potato seed:  10% survival.  Out of seed.  I bought seedling potatoes for this year will go back to fresh seeds next year.

Various flowers:  Stretched and about 50% germination.  Need to be replanted.

Chamomile:  0% germination.  tossed seed pack and replanted with fresh seed.

Malbar spinach.  Up and looks OK

Stevia:  100% germination but all died.  Will not replant.

I have to go to Singapore for business for a week soon.  I don't really trust the spouse and the teenagers to take care of the seedlings so the next ten days will be all about getting everyone optimized for a week of neglect.

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