Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Garden Made Fifty Cents!

This year I am going to once again keep track of my garden's yield.  Last year I slacked off when the tool I was using wasn't working efficently for me.  This winter I spent some time tweaking my excel file with formula's and conditional formatting to make it much easier to keep track of yields.  I also bought a better scale.  One that I can take with me into the yard to weigh stuff right there without trying to keep it all separate.

This is a snapshot of just a portion of my Garden 2010 excel file. (Click on it to see the far columns).  Lower down I have a section for costs.  The formula's hidden in the cells are such that it will automatically calculate gains and losses based on what I put into the pounds or number yielded columns.  Once foods are no longer in the red, the last column will turn green.  I already have one row that is green.  It is the herb row.  Since the chives, thyme, and sage all had zero cost this year, my harvests from them have made it a green column.  Yield to date is fifty cents!  LOL

There was a chance of frost last night and it looks like the neighbors took a hit but my tomatoes were under row cover along with the lettuce so no harm done.  I'm looking at significant plant out this weekend if the rain holds off. 

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Olive Oyl said...

I found your blog when doing a search on dragon's egg cucumbers for a children's garden at our year round camp. Thanks for sharing what works & doesn't in the garden along with pics like your potato bags from landscape fabric. Organic potatoes are spendy, so we grow as much as we can.
Do you still use your excel spreadsheet & would you consider sharing? I was thinking it might be cool for the afterschool garden club kids to do. We have a school age before & after school daycare at camp along with summer campers.
my email jcr 1 2 8 6 at g mail dot com