Monday, April 26, 2010

Two weeks later, SALAD!

On April 11th, I took this picture right after I planted lots of tiny lettuce seedlings into the ground.   In that blog entry I mentioned that we would have salad in a couple of weeks.  I wasn't kidding.  I made the first clippings for salad tonight just two weeks later!
The lettuce isn't the only thing making progress.  In the foreground you can see the beets have sprouted and to the right of them the spinach is ready to surrender baby leaves too.  The onions are a bit of an experiment.  They were planted last year and never got any size to their bulbs.  I think they are just going to go to seed this year which will be pretty.  If not, I'm hoping they will get bigger bulbs.

Not much accomplished in the garden after work today.  Its meatless Monday and there was Veggie Lasagna to be made.  I planted the Chinese Red Noodle Beans in a big pot and that's about it.  Beans are normally direct seeded into the ground here but this variety is tropical and needs heat to avoid the pouts.  I figured I would get it off to a headstart while I wait for the ground temperatures to hit 65.  I'd like to harvest before Labor Day and last years beans were such a disaster I'm stacking the odds in my favor as much as I can.

Yesterday was pretty drippy out.  I got the strawberry popcorn in the ground along with the peas (again!) and the rest of the carrots.  The soil prep for the carrots took a bit of time.  I got a tip that they like soil very fine with no twigs or chunks of any kind in it.  The dechunkification of the carrot area took about an hour.  Then the rain came and I squeezed in planting cilantro and marigold seeds between the storms.  Pretty lazy day.  It was a treat!


jezibels said...

Dechunkification, ha, your hilarious Stacy!

All kidding aside, I am planting little round carrots that only grow to be 2" wide and 3" long, for that very reason (so I dont have to prep a super deep bed)! Ill post pics on the blog how this experiment in lazyness works!

Stacy said...

Ha Jez, that's not laziness. Peeling those little squirts is hard. Thus growing the long ones is lazier!

jezibels said...

You mean you peel your carrots? I thougth that was the layer with all the vitamins? Rustically prepared food is in now ; )

Stacy said...

LOL, you definitely grow tastier carrots than I. Mine taste ick unpeeled. The worms like the peels though so it doesn't go to waste.