Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pea War. Its On.

Here's a picture of some Illumination Vinca in bloom around an old Hyacinth bulb.  I post this because I have no picture of pea sprouts to post.  Something keeps stealing the peas!  They are being dug up within a few nights of me planting them, before they even sprout.  Based on the footprint in the bed, it may be a raccoon.  I had hoped to take a photo of the print for confirmation but my assistant detective and his friend wiped out the evidence during their investigation.  Sloppy detective work aside, Pea war is on.  Tomorrow replanting number three will occur and this time I'll be topping the area with row cover and topping that and surround it with rose bush trimmings.  My nastiest trimmings from my prickliest roses.   Fingers crossed that raccoons, or whatever this thief is, hate prickers.


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