Saturday, July 23, 2011

The year of extremes continues

  1. Extreme snowfall this winter.
  2. Extreme rainfall this spring (almost every single day!)
  3. Extreme heat last week and coming again this week.
  4. Early this morning, extreme rain.  The largest rainfall ever recorded in Illinois.  We got 7.25 inches on my raingauge.
Know whats not fun?  Digging in goo.  Know what is less fun.  Putting up a deck in 90 degrees with 90% humidity.  It rained off an on today.  Didn't matter.  We were soaked when it was raining and soaked when it wasn't.  Oh well still better than drought and locusts and dust storms and wild fires!


Sande said...

Wow, 7.25? I thought we had a lot at .75 That's a lot of rain.

Sissy said...

I will take the heat and rain over that snow. any. day!