Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mar-Duke is Done!

Well I did not fill  up every inch of space but I came close.  I am calling the spring planting phase at Mar-Duke now done and don't plan on doing any more other than weed and water and harvest.  This weekend I got the last bit of work in.  I staked up all the tomatoes, did some weeding, got the rest of the transplants in and added some line for the peas to crawl up. 

So far I am very happy with the soil in the plot.  We keep having torrential downpours and I can still work withing the plot a day later.   So are my favorite thing about community gardening is watching what everyone else is doing.  For each plot out there, there is a slightly different way people are going about getting their plants in.  Most are tilling.  A few like me are no till.  So far tilling versus non-tilling seems to be making no difference with respect to weeds.  They weeds are popping up right away in the tilled and no tilled areas alike.

Here is a quick picture of how things are looking now. 

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