Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beans Moved! And Other Updates!

It has been a good week. Loads of luscious tomatoes, a bit of warmth and sun, Japanese beetles that visited only briefly and alleluia the beans moved!

My pole beans which have been in the ground three+ months now have done something. Now there is nothing robust or rambunctious about the tiny little tendril they sent up to wind around the poles. It is quite pathetic actually. Perhaps I should be calling them petite haricot vertsto be more accurate with the way they are behaving. Nevertheless a bit of wimpy growth is better than stagnation, so I at this point I will take it and rejoice!

Progress in the circle garden has been more substantial. I had Spazzy McDrool do a bit of posing here for scale. This mass of green stuff is as follows: Basil , chives, and annuals in the foreground, peppers behind that, zinnia and perennials behind that, tomatoes next and then behind that eggplant, more basil and annuals again. At this point any symmetry has been lost by the not so attractive staking and clotheslines between the trees hold up the tomato plants. Not caring at this point, just eating. A lot!
The back corner is still looking pretty good. A Bambi flattened all the onions and beheaded a few chard but so far no depressing damage from varmints or pests. This bed has required next to zero attention the last couple of weeks other than tomato picking and yanking a rare weed. I'm kicking myself that I never used cocoa bean mulch back here before. What a huge difference in weeding. It's great!
Here's a closer look at the same bed. The geraniums are looking kind of tired and I should have squished the dead allium stems down a bit better in the back before taking a picture, but all in all things aren't looking too bad for this time of year!

Finally an update on this years problem child. On June 13, I granted the refusing to grow Persimmon tomato a stay of execution and gave it one more chance in a container on that patio. Here's a pic. Persimmon responds well to threats. It's growing all over the place and is now loaded with tomatoes that are sizing up very quickly. The peppers in this container are doing well too. Their peppers are twice the size of those in the circle garden on half the size plants. This container averages temperatures of about 90 degrees on most days and it seems that was just what the doctor ordered for Ms. Persimmon.
Have a good weekend everyone. Wishing you good gardening, pleasant hammock swinging or at least no hail!


Tatyana said...

Everything is looking really good, including the big black furry creature!

Stacy said...

Thanks Tatyana! Some of it looks pretty good. Other parts, gah. I should probably do another dirty little secrets thread soon to keep it real . : )

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

It all looks great! Your doggie is so cute! -Jackie

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Your plants really growing!!... You don't seem to be having problem dealing with dog as model.. haha.., Sue in her "a corner garden", had real problem to get robin's best pose!!

have a nice day
~ bangchik

Daphne said...

Silly bean plants. Don't you just hate when they don't do what they are supposed to? Your tomatoes really look nice though as is your dog.

Stacy said...

Thanks Jackie, Bangchik and Daphne. The pooch is currently in the doghouse. He apparently had a taste for marshmallows while we were out today and forgot to hide the evidence.

Daphne, my beans have been really frustrating this year. They are supposed to be easy. We have had the coldest July on record here so I'm assuming that's it, but come on it's not like there has been frost on the ground!