Monday, July 13, 2009

Persimmon and the Peppers, One month later

Followers of this blog (hi you two! ) probably recall that I have had one or two or six rants about one of my heirlom tomato varieties, called Persimmon. Persimmon was started from seed at the same time as all my other heirloms but has lagged behind to such a ridiculous degree that a month ago I declared it hopelessly stunted and gave it one last chance. I planted it in a self watering container and gave it a couple of weeks. I planted some peppers in there too, fully assuming that the peppers would take over and persnickety persimmon would remain stubby. Here is Persimmon on month ago, the day I planted it in this container.

As I said, I didn't expect it to grow. Therefore it didn't get staked. This was unfortunate because it did grow. It grew while I was on vacation and is now sprawling sideways across the container. The peppers are also growing sideways. There must have been on heck of a wind storm while we were gone.

One month later Persimmon has not only grown, it's budded and starting to have tiny tomatoes on it. Prima donna Persimmon apparently either likes heat or likes a constant water source. Either way, I'm glad it's finally taken off. This one was grown by Thomas Jefferson and I really wanted to share it with the kids.

Now I need to figure out what Matina in the brown pot's issue is. Either it doesn't like sharing it's root space with a bay tree and a blob of oregano or it has too many tomatoes on it to have the energy put out higher growth. This Matina is one quarter of the size of the other Matina's. Meh, I guess I'll let it be. As per my previous thread, I've run out of big stakes. I'm don't think I'm even going to try and stake up Persimmon either. I'll let it sprawl on the ground and harbor toads for awhile. It seems to thrive when it's left alone anyway.

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Heather said...

Things always have a funny way of surprising us don't they?