Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Robins

I'm the aunt to some baby robins. I get to claim kinship because I have been feeding their mother grubs for the last week. The scenario goes like this. I dig up a grub and place it on the fence post near the climbing hydragnea that the nest is in. The mother bird gives me a bunch of mad tweets and then hops down and eats the grubs. We repeat this a few times an evening. The baby bird are very quiet so far, which is good since their nest is six feet from the master bedroom sliders.

I like looking back at old blog pictures at least
once a week. If I think progress is slow, all I have to do is to look back at the last picture to prove myself wrong. The circle bed is 95% planted now. I filled the remaining spots with peppers and tomatoes tonight and then finished mulching. I have one tomato in the wall o water. It is Chocolate Stripes and it finally seems to be growing in it's little sauna so I'll leave it in there for awhile longer.

The hot box (formerly cold frame) hit 119 degrees today. Everything did OK but it inspired me to get a move on it, an move things out. Also planted in the garden tonight were celery, more zinnia, borage, and melon. It looks like I need to do a germination test on the squash, there is no sign of life on those seeds. The sunflowers, are however already coming up. Still waiting on the corn but it's only been a few days.

PS: The gazillion white spots in the grass are thousands of maple helicopters. Next year I really really need to try and wait for these things to come down before I mulch!

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Heather said...

Yeah! Baby birds that you feed! What a fun thing even if you feed the mother first and she in turn feeds the babies. You are still a good baby robin mommy!