Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garden Beds: From a Distance

I love garden close-ups but today I'm doing something different. I'm posting pictures of the garden beds I blog about, from a distance. When I read other people's blogs I like to see how their gardens relate to the rest of their landscape. Today's gardening activities were mundane so instead I'm sharing pictures that show just how much grass I have to cross to get to my gardens! LOL. This is the corner bed, aka the cherry tree bed. The bean teepee is on the right and the greens are dead center. There are lots of peppers and tomatoes growing in this bed too, even with the big trees there.

This is the circle bed. For perspective, it is nine feet wide. in the foreground is a plum tree and on the other side of it is Stanley the ornamental pear tree. The new shade bed will extend along all the trees in the very back of the picture.
This is the far right end of the berm bed. Cukes will be going right behind the massive clump of hostas on the right. There is about ten feet of soil right behind them that gets near full sun, believe it or not. To the right of the swing set is an apple tree that still does great even though it's under a maple.

This is another look at the berm bed from another angle. This far away it looks tiny but it is more than ten feet wide at it's skinniest end (far left). If you check out the grass, you can see that there is not very many bright sunny places in the yard. Those places that have lots of sun have been claimed for plant beds!
These are the balcony tomatoes. They aren't hanging even. They are heavy and getting them even was hard! In fact they are so heavy the handles on the bags are starting to tear. An intervention is indicated in the next couple of days or the maters will go tumbling. To the right of the balcony is the climbing hydragnea that the baby birds have a nest in. Below the balcony is hubby's workshop window which currently has about a gazillion white t-shirts line drying in it. I was going to crop them out but decided to keep it real. Heh.
I hope you've enjoyed the backyard tour. I forgot to take pictures of the hot bed, the herb bed and the dog's igloo. You're not missing much there. I'll take a picture of it if I am successful growing melon vines over it this summer!


jezibels said...

Looks like you got a very large yard to be proud of! Shade has a lot of advantages too! Lower A/C bills is a big one! Thats why we planted two birch trees in our front (South side) of the house! People who live in "Sunbake Heights" always yearn for more shade, and people who live in "Shady Acres" always yearn for more sun!

mlc said...

Jezibels has got that right. We all want what we don't have. I like seeing your garden beds from a distance. Most people are posting beautiful close up shots, and we don't get to see the flowers in relationship to the rest of the landscape.

Jennifer said...

PikaJen here - how big is your lot again? We have a 1/4 acre (which the house sits on like, half) and I thought we had a big yard!

Avis said...

I love the allium, a former co-worker used to bring it in from her garden and they are quite impressive. Your garden is looking good. Cheers!