Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tasty Containers

I plant edibles in containers for a number of reasons. "Mojito" Mint goes in a container because I don't want my yard overtaken with something that smells like a fabulous rum drink. It sounds pretty good, but it would be too much of a good thing. Mojito is sharing this container with a couple of pansies and a baby borage. Borage is in the container to attract bee's to the tomato plant hanging above it.

Above it, and off the balcony I have the first of several tomato plants (Sungold) growing in a strawberry bag with some nasturium. The tomato is in the bag to hopefully hang down and contribute to a tomato fort under the balcony. It's also in a bag because I planted more tomato seeds than I have sunny places for tomato plants. The nasturium is in the bag to hopefully hide the ugliness that is this bag! I think I need more nasturiums. My copper stained glass hanger is pretty but man this bag is ugly. I need more vines fast. I wonder if kudzu grows in Illinois.

This container has oregano that wintered over. Matina tomato got added when it out grew the coldframe. It's sort of tilty right now because I propped a cushion over it last night to protect it from the cold, and the cushion shifted. Result, squished Matina. Behind the Matina is a Bay Leaf. It's a trial to see if I can winter it over and have fresh bay leaves for soup all winter. There is also some purple basil in there for contrast and a zinnia for show.
Purple and Carnival carrots are in a container because they grow so great there. Carrots love container soil and if your variety is thin you can cram a whole lot of carrot in an average size container. Carrots don't get any friends in their container because I don't want their roots disturbed but that's OK. Their foliage definitely has a worthy stand alone type look.

Still to come, this year I want to try cucumbers in a container as well as some peppers to see if they will get me an earlier harvest. My main container tip? Place them near a water supply or you will not water them as much as they require.


Heather said...

All the pots are looking good! Good idea on the carrots, mine are always ugly!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Great idea with the carrots in a container. I want to grow them but don't have a spot for them. Maybe I'll try sowing them in a container. -Jackie

Stacy said...

Mine too Heather, though I spent extra time on the garden soil this year where I planted them, so we'll see what happens in the real dirt.

Jackie, they are super easy in a container. I pretty much ignored them all summer once they were established. I harvested them after the frost and they were really sweet.