Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sold! One Blue Turtle

Today was garage sale day. This is not a fun day. Mostly it is a day of people arguing about a the difference between 25 cents and fifty cents. Sometimes cool interesting people show up but they are few and far between.

Today, I tried to lure a few plant people to my sale today by sticking a few Black Krim, Chocolate Stripes and Persimmon tomato seedlings out for sale. These are huge, well branched plants, roughly 14 inches tall and dark, lush green. They are in gallon pots. I marked them for five dollars. People wanted them for $2.50.

I was told they could get Early Girl tomatoes at home depot for that price. I tried to explain that these were not HD plants, these were organically grown (and loved!) heirloms. They were not the smelly, yellowish, chemical smelling plants at HD. They smirked at me as if they had just caught on to me ripping them off or something and said no thanks. These same people paid a dollar for the blue plastic turtle my son got from a happy meal a few years ago. {Insert enormous eye roll here}

I was able to get into the garden this evening for about an hour. That's all I could take, the mosquitoes have hatched and they are starving. I was able to assess the following. 1. Weeds triple in size in a week. 2. Weeds quadruple in number in a week. 3. I am way way behind. I'm cutting the garage sale short tomorrow. If next week is like this past week, and I don't get out there, I'm sunk!


Heather said...

This made me giggle more than I care to admit. Hey, just because they passed on a true treasure amongst rubble doesn't mean they didn't help clear out your garage. :)

You just have to find the right person to appreciate true heirloom tomatoes.

jezibels said...

I wish I lived on your block, and found your garage sale, I would have bought all your plants you had out there for sale!!!! ; )

Heather said...

After two garage sales in the last 10 years, I have officially sworn them off. The redneck morons around here don't seem to understand that not all things are negotiable. I did make a ton of money at the last one but I have finally purged all my crap and now I am not buying anymore stuff I don't need. We will see how that works out for me. Very frustrating, I feel your pain!