Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scaredy Toad

When I get home from work each night, I have a routine. Let out the dog, change my shoes and inspect the plants. When I was checking on the plants in the coldframe today, I was surprised to see multiple weeds growing at the base of one of my tomato seedlings.

I went to yank the offending weeds and gack, they moved! A closer look revealed that it wasn't the weeds that moved at all!

There was a toad in my pot! The little bugger must have moved in last night. We had some pretty atrocious storms and I guess the pot looked inviting. I have no idea how he hurdled a stack of five bricks to get in the coldframe. Maybe he's Super Toad and not Scaredy Toad. He sure wasn't scared when I weeded all around him. He just sat there staring at me. I named him Cherokee in honor of the plant I found him under and relocated him to the squishy dirt under the hosta near the lettuce bed. Hopefully he'll hang around and knock out any slugs that dare attack my lettuce.

Once he was relocated I was able to transplant four more peppers and six basil into the circle garden tonight. I also plant another hanging tomato (Sungold) off the balcony and began to rig up some very low supports for my pathetic peas to cling too. If the darn things won't grow, I'll stretch them! Heh.


Avis said...

I grow tomatoes, too. I haven't seen the hanging ones and will be anxious to see your photos when they get going. Happy blogging!

mlc said...

Look at those toad eyes. Guess he figured you weren't going to swallow him.

Stacy said...

Hi Avis. I hope they get going soon. I need more heat and way less rain.

MLC I think the word is out amongst the amphibian masses that I'm a sucker for googly eyes and webbed feet.

Jeanne said...

I love toads. They are so good for the garden. Neat photos!

Stacy said...

Thanks Jeanne, I love them too. We seem to have a lot of them this year. I found one hanging out under the dog's water dish this morning!