Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicago: The New Zone 7

Spring in the area is often an exciting time.  We see huge temperatures swings from warmth to blizzard from gale to sleet.

This spring looks like it is going to be a bit different.  All of the long range forecast models at NOAA are predicting above normal temperatures.  WAY above normal.  Preciptation is also looking like it will be above normal for this area.

What does this mean for this gardener?  I will be going for my all time early records in garden harvests.  This weekend will be shorts and t-shirt weather out there (yeah in Chicago-good grief).  <--OK we are a hardy bunch, 55 is shorts and t-shirts here if you are working outside.  My plan is to get stuff out there NOW and to have plenty of back-up in case the usual Chicago whack kicks in and we get a blizzard in late April.

I'm excited about this, and yet still not a little bit concerned.  Twenty degrees above normal?  That is pretty darn abnormal.


spurge said...

I am feeling the same way up here in Wisconsin Stacy. It's going to be in the 50s this weekend, which is t-shirt and short weather by our standards :-) I'm trying to start everything as early as possible this year to see what will happen. I know global warming is a very very bad thing, but the prospect of a longer season this year is exciting. When it's 100 degrees in the summer I'll be singing a different tune though...

Rachel said...

I was at a garden club meeting the other night and the main speaker was talking about the warm weather trend. He's already planted radish,carrots and spinach and this weekend was going to do some more veggie planting outdoors. His sources predict one small snow storm around March 20th but other than that it should be a very warm and early spring.

Stacy said...

Spurge this year we might be able to grow those giant tomatoes they have in Texas and be able to harvest them before the pumpkins!

Rachel I'm glad to hear the experts are ignoring the frost dates this year as well. I like having back up to my plan!