Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rock On A Roll

I did a lot of research related to finishing my pond's edge.  There are many options, grass, time, small stone, a ring of boulders, poured edge, ring of flagstone etc etc.
My plan is still evolving in my head as I stare at this space a bit each day.  What I've know for sometime is that I do not want the common pearl necklace of flagstone around the edge (too formal).  I also wanted some flatter areas for easy access.  I also wanted low maintenance and didn't want to worry about thousands of tiny pebbles falling into the pond.  That is why I was so excited to find Rock on a Roll.   It is what it sounds like.  Rock.  On a roll.  It is completely flexible.  It shapes itself to conform to whatever it is laying over the top of.  It is water friendly, easy to work with and very realistically colored.

I am using it around the entire perimeter of my pond to cover and protect the liner.   It also does a fabulous job covering the wrinkles.  Wrinkles under rock on a roll just make the rock work look even more realistic.  Done right it ends up looking like a way more expensive poured shell.  Installation took a bit of time because I wanted a lip to the pond edge to help contain the mulch;/grass/moss that are coming.  I did this by gluing flexible plastic electrical gluing to the collar, then draping the liner over it, then the rock on a roll over that.  Landscaping fabric and mulch finished off the area in front of the seatwall.  All it needs now is some plants.  I started with a bit of phlox (I like its mossy look).  Added a bit of hardy lavender to the one end.  Coming soon are a few Canna, some wintergreen and a few other herbs to keep the edible theme going!  Yay Progress! 


Katie G. said...

Wow! Nice work!

Jeff M said...

I received a note from Google that Rock-on-a-Roll was mentioned in your post. What a delight to see your beautiful pond! You did a great job, and it looks really pretty.

I'm very happy that the Rock-on-a-Roll worked will for you. And though I realize you didn't write the review for our sake, I still want to thank you for it. So thank you.

Jeff M

Stacy said...

Thanks Jeff. I still have a long way to go on the pond, but the Rock on a Roll is making parts of it so much easier. I just order more from you! LOL.

Someone asked me about it at Koiphen as well. They said it looks just like a poured edge. I agree! Great product and a fabulous wrinkle coverer. :)