Monday, March 26, 2012

Tomato Babies

Whoa, something major happened in the last few days.  It was either the watering with the pond water or the exposure to the rain storm.  Whatever it was, the tomato babies liked it a lot.  Growth has exploded for all but Hays.  They are now a month and a half old and are looking really good.

Today they are out of the cold frame and hanging in the foyer because we have a single day cold spell and the outlet normally used to operate their heater (light bulb) is  being used to operate the UV in the pond.  More on that tomorrow.

Despite the extended heat wave we had, I never got around to putting any of these guys out into their final locations, container or ground.  That's OK.  There isn't currently a rush.  Just so long as they are sized OK for their containers, they can sit tight for a week or so more.  Thought the potato leafs are starting to push it!


spurge said...

Your seedlings are looking great! Mine are already getting too big for their containers (I had them outside in the March heat wave), but I'm way behind in preparing ground.. got to get moving.

Stacy said...

Busy season has come early! I'm going to attempt to put out a few of the bigger potato leaf tomatoes this weekend. They are calling for 80's again and I need to free up some room in the coldframe. The potatoes are sprouting!