Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cougar? Seriously

I live in a solidly suburban area. While coyotes, fox and deer are fairly common around here thanks to all of the forest preserves, cougars are unheard of. I was not pleased tonight when I heard on the news that a cougar was sighted near the arboreteum. I walk the trails there about four times a week. I've seen one too many discovery channel shows about people being eaten by these beautiful cats to feel comfortable about this. I hope they are able to catch it humanely and take it somewhere less populated soon. It's almost time for everything to bloom at the arboreteum!

I successfully tranplanted nine of the otherwise doomed poppies. Their prognosis is guarded. They all had virtually no roots on them. I'm keeping them inside again for a few weeks to try and get them stronger before moving them to the frame again.

On to more positive news, the birds that have been snubbing my new birdfeeder finally gave in and tried it out today. We let all the seed run out in all the other feeders and that did it. So far I'm seeing sparrows and chickadees. I'm hopeful the big woodpecker in the area will check it out soon.

Garden news: All the spinach transplants have gone poof. Something ate it all last night. I'm not too angry, I think it went out a bit early and was looking a little straggly. I'll replant it this weekend. Everything else is looking good including the forecast. We might hit 70 this weekend! Woohoo! Tommy Skilling says we are running 15 degrees below average for temperatures this spring and we are way way over with respect to rain. Cold and wet makes rot. Fingers crossed for the peas!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

the way you treat the nine poppies are commendable ... it warms my heart... cheers! ~ bangchik at blotanical

WiseAcre said...

I'd be a bit nervous too. Feeding the kitty takes on a whole different perspective when it's a hungry Cougar.

Daphne said...

I grew up in the Colorado mountains. We certainly had mountain lions there. We didn't see them much, but I do remember one time coming face to face with one. Gulp! It was scary, but I didn't get eaten. You are in much more danger if you are a runner than if you are a walker.

bughunter99 said...

Wiseacre, yep and I don't want to be a snack.

Daphne, I know the risks are low. I encountered bunches of grizzly and even a mother moose when I hiked in Alaska and didn't get hurt. It's still disconcerting when something like that moves into the neighborhood.