Friday, April 17, 2009

List Number 2343.47

I like to make lists, particularly when projects are extensive. My list for our recent kitchen renovation was three pages long and complete with a little visual barometer to visually measure progress. That list is long since discarded. It was not completed. Most of my lists never do get completely done. Plans change, new idea's sprout. My lists, I guess are my way of organizing my thoughts on how to move forward and where to focus. They serve more to motivate than to threaten.

My list for this weekend and the garden is extensive. We finally have warm, dry weather in the forecast for at least one day and there is tons to be done. I'm behind from all the rain and cold and snow and sleet and... well you get the picture. This bed is on my list. Mainly the big Hosta. It's called Paul's Glory and it is massive. I need to decide if I am going to divide it and do it soon. One more week and the leaves will be out and it will have to wait for another year.

Also on tomorrow's list: 1. Pick up a lot more manure from the stables in Wheaton. 2. Move the woodpile. 3. Finish prep on the new bean bed. 4. plant the next group of seeds 5. Divide a bunch of brunnera. 6. Prep the tomato and pepper areas. 7. Clean the berm bed up. 8. Clean the front bed up. 9. Prep the new hydrangea area. 10. Plant my purple potatoes in a (hopefully) purple pop-up pot. 11. Do some staining chores related to the kitchen renovation. 12. Seed all the dog destroyed areas. 13, Prepare the herb bed. 14. Plant the destined for almost certain death cilantro. (Cilantro hates me) 15. Plant the rest of the pansies.

16. Lose list after it becomes clear just how hopelessly ambitious one can become the evening before the first decent day of the year in the garden. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. : )


Northern Shade said...

With luck, lots of items on your list will be crossed off before it gets too dark for gardening. I have a series of ongoing lists too. some of mine are specifically to be completed, but others are just possibilities, such as lists of potential plants for different situations. I keep these plant lists in my gardening binder, and every so often, I go back and check off which plants I eventually did grow.

jezibels said...

What is with all this rain and cold weather we are having!

This time last year my Rhodies and Crab were blooming!


bughunter99 said...

I haven't been successful to date with a garden binder NS, though I love the concept. Both times I tried it ended up getting detroyed by a kid with a hose.

Jez, we are getting close! Only a few more days!