Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's late and I'm feeling the sleepiness that you get from a great day outdoors. The weather held in the low seventies with nice cloud cover. Accomplished today:

1. Shoveled about 500 pounds of perfectly composted manure into bags, drove them home and incorporated it all into the back bed.

2. Yanked the neighobor's creeping charlie from my bed AGAIN and cleared back a bit on her side too

3. Planted shallots, onion starts and more purple carrots. These are going in a little late, oh well.

4. Cleaned out the corner back bed completely. But it got too dark for a picture.

5. Stained some trim, doors and a doorbell cover.

6. Transplanted a San Marzano tomato into a bigger pot. It had some lower leaves turning yellow. I'm hoping it was because it was getting tight in its pot. I would be sad if it was sick. I only have two of these started and they make better sauce than any tomato out there!

7. Left the frame uncovered all day, it hit 91 in there uncovered!

8. Moved the worm condo outdoors.

9. Threw a few borage seeds in the ground to see if they will sprout this early.

10. Deer proofed the purple cabbage.

11. Took a walk at the arboreteum. I figured that the crowds were so big with everyone looking at the daffodils, that any cougar out there would be hiding and I would be safe. If you live in this area, try to get a trip in over there in the next week or so. They naturalize tens of thousands of daffodils in the forest and meadows on the west side and it is quite a sight to behold. Today everything wasn't completely in bloom but with this weather it will likely peak this next weekend. Not to be missed!

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