Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frame Expansion, Earth Day Grouch and Random Rambling

I love hyacinths. They are so flamboyant, so fragrant and in your face! This time of year when the weather swings from freezing ice (Monday) to 85 degrees (Friday), there isn't a lot in the garden that is looking particularly exhuberant. The hyacinths are always the exception. Deer don't chomp them like they do the tulips, snow doesn't flatten them like it does the daffodils. Hyacinths hold up to it all and if you plant them under your window, their perfume reaches the second story and inspires all kinds of naughtiness!

The ongoing saga of the cold frame or rather brick daycare center continues. I've had plants in the foyer for the last two nights due to cold. The temps were above freezing in the frame but with ice/snow predicted and the weatherman having issues I decided not to chance it. They went back out this afternoon but not without first expanding out both sides of the frame a foot. I transplanted all of the needy tomatoes after work today into bigger pots and that made the frame too small. It also has become to short in the last three days thanks to Matina. The nice thing about having lots of brick pavers around is that both issues were pretty easy to resolve. More bricks! My next concern is for Friday. The forecast is for 85 degrees and I have to work. I have no idea if simply removing the cover will keep them cool enough or if they need to be take out of the frame altogether. Gah, I'll be glad when frame time is over.

I helped pass out saplings at work today for Earth Day. Our Green Team convinced the powers that be to buy 1000 saplings to distribute to employees. They all went! It was a very positive experience. People were so excited about their little trees. Well except for one guy. He swore at us and told us he didn't believe in Earth Day.

You have to wonder what the earth has done to him to make him so bitter. Is he plagued with yellow clay and drought? Have the squash beetles dessimated his cukes one too many times? Did his wife enforce earth hour and his missed the incredible hockey game? Whatever it was, he got a moment of our pity and then we returned to the positive people. They will be the ones to make the positive changes. The bitter, the fearful and the naysayers will just hold us back. Happy Earth Day everyone.


keewee said...

Hyacinths are fabulous and you can't have too many of them in your garden.

Daphne said...

I obviously need some hyacinths. I love flowers that have a scent.

Stacy said...

I agree Keewee. You can't have too many of them outdoors. They are so strongly scented though, that too many inside makes me sneeze!

Daph, plant them this fall, they last for years!