Thursday, April 9, 2009

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Hey now, what's this? Where did you come from? These Matina transplants were transplanted into all new soil so where did the little stranger in the corner come from? This is not the work of the kids, it is planted far too neat. It's not the husband either. It's the playoff season, and the only thing currently existing in his world is hockey. Additionally, he threw out his back playing hockey with the boys and I'm pretty sure he can't bend far enough to mess with the seedlings. Rats. It must be my fault. Again.

I'm not sure what has happened. The spring started out with such careful records. There were 40 tomato plants of eleven varieties. Now less than two months later I have 52 seedlings growing. Sure I might have dropped a seed or two in when stuff was slow to germinate, but twelve seeds? I don't think so!

Of these 52 seedlings eleven are unidentified including the little mystery above. My exacting labeling system seems to have sprung a few leaks. With it went Siletz. At one point I had a few good looking Siletz. Now they've gone poof. They might be in the container where the label wore off, but that could also be Chocolate Stripes. Sigh, I guess I'll have to wait another three months to know for sure. Thankfully, most of my varieties look very different from one another so eventually it will all reveal itself. In the meantime I guess I'll just admire the troops looking nice and green in the frame.

I'm letting the tomatoes stay in the frame tonight. The weather hasn't allowed this for more than a week. If I throw a blanket over the plastic it should stay above 52 degrees, so they should be fine. I brought the peppers back in though, along with the basil. Both are already growing slow, I don't want to stunt them further. The forecast is shaping up for what could be a major gardening weekend. Fingers crossed it happens. Enjoy your Friday everyone.


Karen said...

I am not the best record-keeper either, but sometimes it's kind of fun to see what comes up and just roll with it. You'll figure it out eventually! Or just take a close-up of it and post it for all your garden blogger buddies to ID, that's what I usually do. :) Welcome to Blotanical!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes our feathered friends drop mystery seeds into the garden! It's an adventure. I responded to your comment on CityDiggity. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be baaaaaaaak ;-)