Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Open Letter to HGTV

Dear HGTV,

In HGTV, the G was for garden. It is not for gravel. It is not for giganormous groundbreaking machinery. It is not for giant towers of landscaping blocks, 5 thousand dollar grills or for good-looking guys that think bamboo is an excellent solution for property lines. HGTV, I'm afraid you have lost your way. Where you once had lovely shows such as a Gardener's Diary, and Gardening By the Yard, now you are mostly real-estate shows. Your few garden shows feature massive hard-scape projects where anything green is just an after thought. It's a shame. Once upon a time I expanded my cable package just for you. Now I wouldn't blink twice if you went poof.

Please HGTV, I implore you. G is for gardens and G is for green. G is for glorious garden gadgets and G is for great growers. I want shows that inspire and shows that teach. There is nothing inspiring about 2000 square feet of concrete and a resurfaced pool, not even if it "pops". I want lush, and lovely, organic and educational. I know Lowes is one of your advertisers, but guess what, they sell plants too! Please, please bring green gardens back to HGTV.