Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smells Like Spring!

Finally! At long last flowers perfuming the house again. The rain has slowed down and the house no longer smells like wet dog. Now it's star gazers from Easter, hyacinths from the garden and a little bit of moist soil from all the seedlings too. It makes me want to breathe in deep!

I had about an hour to muck around in the garden after work today. I wish it was more. It was sunny and 65 degrees and that's digging weather! Today's plantings had a purple theme. In the garden went Ruby perfection cabbage, beautiful Redbor Kale and Broccaflower. The broccaflower has leaves very similar to the cabbage at this point so it fits the theme. I've never grown cauliflower before so this will be an experiment. There is plenty of room for it now since Bambi ate two of the broccoli last night. The weather is too nice to be mad though. Tonight, no plants need to be hauled inside!


Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

I love this time of year for the same reasons- we can open the windows and wet dog smell goes by by ;)

Stacy said...

And we can hear the new frogs too!